Trade shows are exhibition events that allow businesses to come together and show off their products and services to different audiences. They help to build momentum and excitement surrounding new developments, which can be especially beneficial in highly competitive industries and markets. Thus, one of the biggest advantages of participating in a trade show is that it allows you to bring your product or service to the public in a cost-effective manner. Depending on the size of the event, you’ll be able to market your product or service to thousands of people while giving them more information about your business and brand. While the potential for exposure at trade shows is unparalleled, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get business. With hundreds of different booths and businesses competing for attendee’s attention, you need to go above and beyond to stand out, attract eyes, and give people a reason to visit your booth. To help, here’s how to show off your best assets with alluring marketing collateral.

1. Create Eye-Catching Graphics

At trade shows, visual appeal is an important way to draw your audience in. To stand out from the competition, you need to design your booth so that it has eye-catching graphics and design elements that will make your business memorable. Remember, people attend trade shows because they need something, but they don’t necessarily want to feel “sold” to. Make sure your visual display is interesting with just enough information to make people curious about your business.

2. Determine Your Size Needs

Next, you’ll want to consider what size backdrop display will best showcase your assets. Smaller events may require smaller booths, but if you’re attending a large trade show—or one that’s outside—you may want to invest in something larger. There are several different options for customizable displays and sizes, so don’t be afraid to maximize the use of your allocated space.

3. Make Your Display Interesting

Avoid putting up a plain display that lacks banners, murals, floor graphics, and more. When you have plain backdrop graphics and a table filled with marketing material, people are going to visit a different business. Instead, make your display interesting and use as much media as possible. With interchangeable fabric graphics, you’ll be able to change your display over time, across trade shows, or even throughout the day.

4. Include Plenty of Take Away Marketing

Finally, make sure that visitors of your booth have something they can physically take with them. The intensity and colors of the graphics should match that of your booth so that your brand continues to stay in the minds of your target audience as they leave the event. Provide brochures, booklets, post cards, printed media, branded pens, or other useful objects that will continually remind your visitors of your company. Change out these materials at each trade show to keep your layout fresh and exciting.

When you want to show off your best assets and stand out from your competition, you need to create a display that you’re proud of. Impact Color can help you craft a beautiful, customized backdrop display for your tradeshow along with any brochures, post cards, or other printed media you want to include. To inquire about marketing material for your next event, contact us today or browse our services online.