Businesses should be a dynamic entity. As society changes and trends are replaced, your business should evolve to reflect the differences. This is especially true after all of the changes following the pandemic. In addition to new products and services, businesses are shifting how they work and target their audiences to avoid falling behind the competition. While these internal changes are essential, you can’t forget to update your marketing strategies and material. Your social media platforms and website are often the first to be updated, but what about your traditional marketing materials? Does your brochure reflect your business today?

How to Update Your Company Brochure

Chances are that your brochure hasn’t been updated for years. However, brochures are still extremely beneficial in the world of online marketing. Not only can they be distributed at events, but brochures can also be a great sales tactic to entice new customers or strengthen relationships with existing clients. Brochures are cost effective, help build trust, and allow you to take a more personalized approach while establishing authority. To continue reaping these benefits, here’s six ways to make sure your brochure is reflective of your current business.

1. Highlight Your Strengths

Avoid trying to catalog your entire business and instead, use your brochure to highlight your strengths. Always include your mission statement and core values along with specific categories of products and services. Then, let your audience know what sets you apart from your competition. Your brochure should make an impact to be effective.

2. Create Targeted Versions

If you’re trying to target specific audiences, create different versions of your brochure that can infiltrate different demographics. This can help you strategically market your products and services to the right audiences during specific events, which gives you the ability to exponentially increase response rates.

3. Be Unique

Avoid using cookie-cutter stock imagery. Instead, use unique pictures that your target audience can actually relate to. While it’s a small investment, working with a photographer to capture images of your products, employees, or services in action is well worth the effort.

4. Utilize Strategic Design

Next, combine your unique imagery with enticing fonts and plenty of white space. Don’t overload your audience and instead, try to be selective. This means limiting the amount of wording you use and instead, focusing on the overall aesthetics of the brochure.

5. Don’t Skimp on Quality

When your brochure is printed on cheap materials, your audience will notice. They’ll come to associate your business with cheap products, which is extremely harmful to your image. Utilize high-quality printers and materials for the best results.

6. Create a Persuasive CTA

Without overdoing it, try to create a persuasive call-to-action to include on your brochure. Brochures are meant to open the door to new sales and help you get more people interested, so brainstorm what action you want to achieve with your marketing material and use it.

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