While public transportation within major cities is a great way to navigate the area, it’s not very efficient for businesses with mobilized employees. Rather than spending hours getting from point A to point B, many companies have a fleet of cars that their sales team and management staff can use. This is beneficial to both businesses and employers, as having access to your own car allows you to maximize time management, improve company visibility, and benefit from tax write offs. However, you may not be getting the most out of your business’ fleet. To help you maximize your marketing strategies, consider what your car says about your business.

Benefits of Branding Company Cars

It’s rare to find personal cars with marketing on them, which is why when you do see branded vehicles, you tend to notice them more often. This is because, when done correctly, branding vehicles can improve visibility and catch the eye of bystanders, other drivers, and pedestrians all around. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, a vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000-70,000 impressions per day. This is an affordable way to market your brand without spending thousands of dollars on billboards or other traditional advertisements. Plus, since you’re mobile, you’re able to reach audiences in a variety of different geographical locations, thus reinforcing the messages you send with your company’s brand. Another great benefit of branding your company car that often goes unnoticed is theft deterrence. Branding draws attention to your vehicle, which is not ideal for someone looking to break in.

How to Create the Right Message for Your Car’s Branding

While including your logo on your branded car is important, it’s not enough. You need to make sure that your car is communicating the right message to help improve your brand, not hurt it. To help, here are a few ways to make sure your car is sending the right message.

1.  Avoid Using Deteriorating Vehicles

The condition of the car that you use matters. Deteriorating vehicles send a message of a deteriorating company, so make sure that your fleet is well maintained, passes emissions testing, and doesn’t have visible signs of damage or accidents. Consider using environmentally friendly cars to help communicate your commitment to the planet and gain public support.

2. Consider the Model

Unfortunately, some car makes and models are associated with negative stereotypes or perceptions. Make sure that you’re sending out the right message by choosing a car model strategically. Avoid using sports cars unless you want to send out a reckless message and if you don’t need pick-up trucks to transport equipment, opt for a different model of car. A great option is a luxury sedan or family-friendly brand like Toyota or Honda.

3. Choose Your Colors Wisely

The color you choose for your fleet also impacts consumer perception. Red cars are often associated with speeding while white cars are now associated with Apple and seen as successful and innovative. Consider the psychological effect that color has on individuals and choose something that reflects your business. For example, blue is a great color that tends to express the ideas of confidence, professionalism, reliability, and stability.

4. Be Strategic About Placement

Finally, when adding your vehicle branding, take the time to consider placement. You should be strategic about how you add your company’s logo and make sure that it’s placed somewhere that’s visible to all drivers. If you’re putting a logo on the front of your car, consider reversing it so that those ahead of you can see it correctly in their rear-view mirror. If you have sliding doors, test out your logo before adhering it, as an open door can portray a vastly different message than a closed door. This, as many people have seen, can lead to a lot of criticism online. Make sure your graphics are high-quality and eye-catching to get the most out of your vehicle’s branding.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to handle all of your car’s branding needs, contact Impact Color today. We’ll help you transform your fleet into marketing material that can help improve your brand and get you the attention you deserve.