Direct mail campaigns are a great way for you to boost your response rate, increase your company’s visibility, and showcase innovative products, services, or opportunities to your target audience. However, not all direct mail campaigns are created equal. If you want to improve your overall response, you need to take the time to properly plan your campaign. Doing so will have a direct impact on your overall ROI and can increase the success of your efforts tenfold. To help you create strong mailers, here are the top 12 questions to ask for a successful direct mail campaign.

1. What is the Goal of This Campaign?

Clearly define your goals for each direct mail campaign so you can keep your call-to-actions clear and concise.

2. What Were the Strengths of Our Last Mailing?

Recall your last direct mail campaign. List out all of the strengths and benefits, making sure to include a detailed list of results, who you sent the mailing list to, any images that were used, etc.

3. What Were the Weaknesses of Our Last Mailing?

Do the same thing for the weaknesses. Be specific about what went wrong or anything that didn’t work as intended.

4. Where Can We Improve?

Consider the strengths and weaknesses and take some time to create a list of everywhere that you could improve for this next direct mail campaign. Write down everything that comes to mind—don’t leave anything out.

5. What Do Our Customers Expect?

Consider your company from your customer’s eyes. What do they expect from you and the products or services that you provide? If you’re not sure, consider sending out a survey.

6. What is Our Customer’s Biggest Problem?

If you haven’t already identified your customer’s biggest problems, do that now. Your goal is to solve these problems, which you can’t do if you don’t know what they are. Include both the big problems, the small problems, and everything in between.

7. How Can We Solve That Problem?

Now think about how you can solve each of the problems you identified. List out the benefits of your products and services.

8. Do We Know Our Target Audience?

Are you 100% certain that you know your target audience? Make sure that you get concrete information about demographics so that you’re better able to target your direct mail campaign.

9. How Can We Improve Our Designs?

Get creative. Think about how you can create fun, enticing direct mail campaigns that encourage recipients to open them and take action.

10. Are We Missing Anything?

Take the time to re-read through everything a few times to avoid missing anything.

11. How Have Our Competitors Done It?

If you haven’t already, consider looking at how your competition sends out direct mailers. Don’t be afraid to sign up for their list. Doing so can help you better understand what they’re doing and how to improve upon it.

12. Do We Need Additional Resources or Outside Help?

Finally, consider the resources and outside help that you’ll need to create a successful mailer. Reach out to trusted companies and resources to finalize your direct mail campaign.

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