Here at Impact Color some  of our guiding principles are to provide exceptional quality large-format graphics and printing solutions that are friendly to the environment.  Our recently purchased Hewlett Packard L26500 Latex Printer does both.

This large-format printer can print up to 61” wide using eco-friendly latex inks from Hewlett Packard.  What are latex inks?  They are pigmented, water-based inks designed for commercial printing applications employing an innovative polymer “latex” technology.

Traditionally, commercial print service providers have used petroleum-based solvent inks to produce graphics that can be displayed for long periods of time.  These solvent print systems produce environmentally damaging Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).  VOC’s reduce indoor air quality, and can have negative short and long-term health effects.  Another drawback to solvent inks is that the finished prints emit a noticeable petroleum odor long after the prints have cured, an effect that is highly undesirable in an indoor environment.

Latex inks are a great alternative to solvent-based printing.  They provide graphic durability and display permanence up to three years outdoors without lamination.  Plus, their water-based formulation reduces the impact of large-format printing on the environment.  You can learn more about latex ink technology by watching a brief HP video.

With our new HP Latex printer, we can produce odorless high quality graphics that are highly durable – up to three years outdoors, and according to HP, more than 100 years indoors.  Your outdoor media prints will be scratch, smudge and water-resistant.   The HP Latex L26500 is perfect for presentations, window graphics, trade show displays, vehicle wraps, banners, wall murals and more.

Take a look at these stunning graphic applications at HP Latex gallery.