Trade shows allow you to bring your product or service to the public. During a single event, thousands of people can learn about you and your business. Yet not everyone who attends a trade show will stop at every booth. The key is to draw them in and make them want to be sure to visit your booth. The eyes are usually the first sense that people use at trade shows, so making your booth stand out from the competitors is the first advantage you have.
This kind of edge will make your booth – and business – memorable. People attend trade shows because they need something, but they do not necessarily want to feel ‘sold’ to. Visual impact of a trade show display is huge. The display needs to be interesting with just enough information to make people curious about your business.
There are many options for grabbing the attention of attendees. For instance, if you have a larger booth with solid walls, you can install printed wall murals. Another option is flooring graphics that can highlight the benefits of your product or service.
If you exhibit at many types of shows in your area, consider interchangeable fabric banners. That way people will not feel as though they are seeing the same thing all the time. It also lets potential customers know that you are innovative and adaptable by not presenting the same information in the same manner show after show.
The same is true of brochures, booklets, post cards or other printed media you display at your booth. Changing up the layout keeps things fresh, not only for the people who may be seeing it again, but also for those you have working your booth with you. That freshness keeps people interested in you and your business.