These six web sites have been recommended by Impact Color clients & staff as their favorite “go to” sites for great design-related tools and ideas.

Before&After (
Before & After magazine has been sharing its practical approach to design for more than twenty years. Their web site is filled with ideas for the experienced graphic designer as well as those new to the world of design. Before & After is dedicated to making graphic design understandable, useful and even fun for everyone.

Renourish (
Re-nourish is an online tool advocating awareness and action for sustainable thinking in the design community. Re-nourish aims to help the practicing communication designer, educator and student make positive greener and pragmatic design decisions. Check out their blog and online case studies.
Trish Witkowski, a graphic designer with a master’s degree in printing, is the founder and driving force behind this informational site. She is truly passionate about what it takes to design printed documents that fold creatively and correctly. Check out their cool videos, templates and sign up for the “Fold of the Week”.

WhatTheFont (
Ever try to figure out what font was used in that artwork? Simply upload an image file of the type in question, and they will search their extensive library of fonts to find the closest matches. You can also track down where to the purchase the font, if needed. They also feature Web Fonts (with CSS @font-face rule), Hot New Fonts and a vast collection of additional type tools and resources.

Internet Speed Test (
Frustrated trying to upload or download large files and whish that you could quickly check the bandwidth speed of your ISP’s (internet service provider) connection – Speed Test is the answer. Shows both Upload and Download speeds with a side-by-side gauge-type view.

Thinking with Type (
Author Ellen Lupton’s web site is everything you need to know about working with type. Check out her “Type Crimes” section.