Vehicle wraps allow your business to be on display all the time. People notice words and pictures on
vehicles, which makes your car or truck a mobile billboard. Wraps are your opportunity to reach
potential clients that you may not have been able to before.
Vehicle wraps allow you to customize what people see and learn about your business. New technology
allows for astonishing colors and graphics that look like they are part of the overall paint scheme of the
There is also some serious bang for the buck with mobile advertising. The Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB)
conducted a study in the Chicago area and found an estimated 40,000+ people saw that one vehicle in
one day. Billboards are estimated to reach 48,000 people, making the exposure comparable. The best
part, though? Fleet advertising is about half that of more traditional outdoor advertising.
We live in a visual society and people who see a wrapped vehicle are forming opinions about the
vehicle, the company and the product or service, whether they are aware of it or not.
There are two main types of vehicle wraps, full and partial. Full wraps cover the entire vehicle. There are
even ways to cover side or rear windows without blocking the view from inside the vehicle. Partial wraps
allow you to decide just what part of your vehicle you want to be your mobile advertising. If you only
want information on the rear quarter panels, a partial wrap can be integrated into the current paint and
body design of the vehicle.
Both types of wrap allow for customization, allowing you to create something that is unique to you.
From simple with an understated elegance to a design that pops and grabs, vehicle wraps can help make
the most of your advertising dollar.