One of the major reasons many of the brick-and-mortar stores in today’s world survive is due to heightened customer service, flexibility, outstanding product selection, and enticing store design. However, in the past year, many shoppers have turned to curbside pickup or online orders. As we continue to shift back into in-person sales, it’s important to efficiently communicate with your patrons. To make up for fewer employees or improve the effects of social distancing, in-store signage is essential. In fact, in-store signage is more important than ever. Here’s how in-store signage can help your business.

1. Communicate Store Layout

People prefer going to a specific store location because they’re comfortable with the layout. If you need to shift products, it can cause annoyance and frustration to regulars. In-store signage can help you communicate alterations to layout and direct consumers to a product’s new location. It can also provide references for customers looking to get in and out quickly.



2. Improve Product Marketing

Product packaging can only be so big, and now, more than ever, people are reluctant to pick things up and read about what something does. To help improve understanding of a product’s benefits and uses, in-store signage is available. You can choose certain products to highlight such as new inventory or those on sale and switch out signage regularly. The signage will double as marketing materials that can draw new customers to products they’ve never used. By incorporating QR codes on in-store signage, you’ll get even more out of your efforts.



3. Increase Cross Promotions

Many people who used to only shop for things in person are now more comfortable with making online purchases. As a retailer, you should have both options available and utilize in-store signage to cross promote each. Since many places are adapting hybrid shopping models, having the signage to communicate this to your customers will help improve loyalty and can increase sales over time.



4. Promote Your Store at All Hours

In-store signage is often considered beneficial in retail settings, but it can be extremely useful to restaurants and other businesses as well. By strategically placing your signage, you’ll be able to show your targeted audience what you offer and give them an ability to order, make a reservation, or schedule time for a consultation even if you’re not physically.



5. Provide Entertainment

With the ability to integrate QR codes within your in-store signage, you can offer anything from scannable games, daily promotions, and even scavenger hunts for your shoppers. This can be great for families with young kids or anyone looking to break up the monotony of their errands. The options are endless and can be changed easily depending on the season.


In-store signage can inform shoppers about information that otherwise wouldn’t be communicated. It can relay safety protocols, opportunities, and directions for curbside pickup, while enhancing an engaging marketing campaign. In-store signage can help a business up-sell products without manpower and similarly encourage cross-sales. Due to the changes in how consumers shop, in-store signage is more important than ever. To make sure that your business is getting the most out of your marketing efforts, contact Impact Color for high-quality, engaging in-store signage today.