Artwork is an integral part of life. Art can stimulate intense psychological responses across individuals, either in a positive or negative way. In a business environment, art has the ability to speak to your target audience, draw in new customers, improve branding, and increase overall loyalty for your company. In a personal setting, art can inspire, motivate, and impact your mood. However, the art itself isn’t the only thing that needs to be considered. Framing is often just as important. A frame can drastically change the way artwork is displayed and, therefore, how it’s perceived. The wrong frame can elicit a range of negative emotions while the right frame can cause several positive cascading results. To better understand this phenomenon, and how you can use it to your advantage, we’ll explore how framing can enhance a work of art.

What Goes into Framing?

Frames only enhance a work of art when they’re chosen with care. They need to complement the artwork you’re highlighting to help portray the image and message in the right way. Some factors to consider when thinking about your frame include:

Reflectiveness – your frame should complement the artwork and act as an extension of the piece itself. It needs to reflect specific styles and artistry to really succeed at enhancement.

Suitability – a frame should never distract your audience from the work. Instead, it should draw a viewer in and highlight the message in the artwork. Make sure that your frame properly suits the work you want to display.



Protection – to enhance longevity, artwork should have a certain degree of protection offered from its frame. There are plenty of different framing styles that can properly enhance and preserve your art.

Choosing the Right Framing Style

Choosing the right framing style means finding something that will compliment, suit, and protect your work of art. It should also be tailored to your overall taste and how you want your artwork to be seen. There are several options for how to frame your artwork. While working with a professional is essential in choosing a high-quality frame, take some time to consider your options. Some of the more popular types of framing styles include:

Full-Bleed Framing – this style of framing is when the image covers the entire window from edge to edge. It fully encompasses the display and leaves no room for borders. The frame comes right up to the edge of the artwork. This is also referred to as a straight fit framing style.



Matted – it you want to draw more attention to your artwork or incorporate natural enhancement, matting is a great option. This style utilizes thick borders to transform artwork and fit it into frames of any size or shape. You can work with different kinds of mats to achieve different results that enhance your work of art.



Float Mounting – this is an alternate approach to matted framing. Instead of sitting flush with the border, float mountain sits on top of the matting and can create a unique, dramatic effect. This is great for texturized pieces or when you want to accentuate edging.

Every work of art deserves a frame that helps enhance its natural beauty. Regardless of what artwork you need framed, Impact Color can help. We’ve recently added full-service frame shop capabilities. Our framing specialties include ready-made framing, custom framing, shadow boxes, and corporate and residential framing and installations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect framing solution for your work of art.