Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, an alarming 70 percent of American workers were not engaged at their traditional work site. COVID-19 created abrupt changes in employees’ daily work and personal lives, forcing many to navigate unfamiliar territory, such as working remotely. Employees returning to the office provide companies with the perfect opportunity to find ways to boost their morale and reengage then with the company brand and corporate philosophy.

The Benefits of Branding Your Workspace with Wall Graphics

Corporate wall graphics are a type of signage that can include lettering, decals, or imagery. They are placed on a wall of a business and can be either inside or outside. Strategic wall graphics are a great way to improve overall aesthetics along with productivity, brand, and awareness. Corporate wall graphics help transform an office into a motivating and modern environment and can be beneficial to any niche of business. As workers across the country return to their office after COVID-19, wall graphics are a great way to reintegrate them back into the workplace.

Why Your Business Needs Wall Graphics

Wall graphics have several benefits, all of which will help increase your return on investment and attract new business. Three of the primary benefits of wall graphics include more engaged employees, stronger first impressions, and the reinforcement of branding and company values.

  1. Engage Employees

Reintegrating employees back into the workplace is more important than ever, as many businesses have had their physical doors shut for over a year. Wall graphics can help engage your employees and reinforce your company values. They’re ongoing reminders as to why employees choose to work for your company every day and can help increase company pride, which leads to higher levels of engagement and accountability.

  1. Make a Strong First Impression

When someone enters your business, they immediately make a judgment on your company. This can happen unbeknownst to them, but that initial feeling will stay for years. You want your visitors to have a strong understanding of your company and view your business in a positive light. By incorporating wall graphics that highlight your products, services, and organizational value, you’ll immediately show potential clients your worth.

  1. Reinforce Branding and Values

Many people choose who they work with based on their core mission and values. Using stock imagery or generic artwork doesn’t showcase your business’ uniqueness. Instead, it can lead to a disconnect that makes visitors unimpressed. Wall graphics can help create meaningful connections between your target audience and your company’s branding and values. This can be accomplished with real-world pictures of your team and community, infographics, testimonials, or even case studies.

How to Incorporate Wall Graphics in Your Business

Wall graphics have found their place in the corporate world and add a tremendous amount of value. Using strategic designs and location, employees are engaged, core values and mission statements are communicated, products and services are showcased, and attention to your company increases. To get started, determine what your main intentions are. Do you want to highlight imagery? Graphics? Quotes? Products? Services? Wall graphics can be used both indoors and outdoors and in a variety of ways, but they should all be designed within your branding colors, fonts, and imagery style. Consider incorporating wall graphics in your lobby, on the outside of the building, throughout the hallways, and in common areas to get the most out of your efforts.

If you’re interested in adding corporate wall graphics to your building, the professionals at Impact Color can help. We provide a full range of large format printing designed to engage and influence your target audience. Contact us to learn more about how to brand your workspace with wall graphics today.