In 2020, due to the spread of COVID-19, many students were denied the ability to attend graduation ceremonies. As organizations and campuses shut their doors, students turned to online platforms to celebrate with their friends. Now, as of April 1, 2021, over 200 million vaccination doses have been given and 56.1 million people have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus in the United States. i This brings a glimmer of hope to those expecting to graduate in May, but it’s still unknown as to what will happen. While some schools have announced limited capacity or socially distanced graduation ceremonies, others are still being cautious and opting for another year of virtual celebrations.

Due to differing state regulations and vaccination rollouts, graduation ceremonies around the country are going to vary. States with higher infection ratings and lower vaccinated citizens may find it irresponsible to hold in-person gatherings. States with low infection ratings and higher vaccinations are likely to get creative in an effort to get graduates across the stage.

Regardless of how your graduate is going to celebrate, receiving a diploma, whether for high school or college, is something that brings about an unbeatable feeling of accomplishment. Without walking across the stage, however, many graduates feel like nothings different. If in-person ceremonies remain closed for your graduate, band together to help increase their feelings of accomplishment in other ways. In an effort to support the class of 2021 in any way possible, consider hosting group video calls and displaying customizable graduation yard signs.

Graduation yard signs are a great way to let your loved ones know that you’re proud of their accomplishment and that you support their actions. In 2020, due to the ongoing closures, graduation yard signs skyrocketed in popularity. Thanks to advancements in printing technology, you can now take these signs above and beyond simple lettering. We suggest decorating your signs with photos, class year, a school mascot, or even a short, congratulatory message. While they’re not a replacement for a cap and gown, graduation yard signs are a great way to bring added celebrations to your school and display your pride for everyone to see.

Graduation yard signs have already been a tradition, but as COVID-19 continues to create uncertainty and angst in our lives, finding creative ways to show your support is more important than ever.

Combine your virtual ceremonies with graduation yard signs from Impact Color to show support for your 2021 graduate today. We provide customizable options that include pictures, logos, lettering, and more. Using an array of colors, we’ll turn your vision into a reality so you can celebrate your graduates earning their diplomas. When a PTA/PTO or school orders graduation signs at the same time, Impact Color will provide discounting based on the total number of signs ordered, even if they are personalized with the graduate’s name.

Regardless of if your graduate is receiving their high school diploma, a college degree, or even a masters, Impact Color can help you show your support and increase the excitement that surrounds such an accomplishment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you celebrate the class of 2021 with customizable graduation yard signs.