Marketing requires taking a strategic approach that includes incorporating eye-popping graphics that increase customer awareness. The more effectively you can reach your customers, the more likely you’ll be able to increase your sales. One of the best ways to do this without exhausting your budget is through point of purchase (POP) marketing and displays. These are points in a store where your customer has the opportunity to engage with your products. Point of purchase differs from point of sale in that POP can occur at any place within the entire store. To help you get the most out of your product advertisements, we’ll go over some benefits of utilizing strong point of purchase displays.

1. Increase Customer Awareness

Point of purchase displays that are created with vibrant graphics can help draw in the customer’s attention. Since most people tend to skim the aisles, this allows you to stand out and make an impact without disrupting their shopping experience. A larger point of purchase display makes a stronger impact and is more successful at influencing a customer’s decision. Be strategic about the size and implementation of your POP displays.

2. Strengthen Branding

The graphics that you use to design your point of purchase displays are a great way to strengthen your branding and increase company visibility. Since there’s plenty of space for elaboration, customers will gain a stronger understanding of what your products do and how they’re different from similar items on the shelves.

3. Utilize Strategic Locations

POP displays are supplemental displays that are often free-standing or hang from shelving units. Depending on how you design your advertisements, you can increase the chances that your products are strategically placed around a store. This includes in the middle of an aisle or next to complimentary products. Better placement means higher sales.

4. Complement Merchandizing Efforts

It takes a lot of time to create a merchandizing layout for stores, so managers rarely focus on small details that external brands want to highlight. When you utilize point of purchase displays, you provide stores with exact details on how your products will be displayed, thus giving you more control over how your brand is advertised to prospective customers.

5. Target Impulse Buyers

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing point of purchase displays is the increase in sales from impulse buys. Customers are more likely to purchase products that are displayed independently from shelving units, regardless of if they actually need the items or not. Pair your displays with enticing messaging and clever marketing and you’ll be even more likely to increase overall sales. If possible, utilize both point of purchase displays and point of sale displays.

Point of purchase displays help increase customer awareness and can even boost your sales by up to 20% or more. To create high-quality, eye-catching POP displays, contact the professionals at Impact Color today.