Creating a visually appealing backdrop or display for your trade shows and events is essential to the success of your efforts. By incorporating plenty of graphics and display products, you’ll make a stronger impression on your audience and help increase the likelihood of getting new customers. However, sometimes your graphics and displays need to be shipped, which can present some obstacles. The size, weight, and durability of your items can impact shipping needs, but thanks to industry experts, there’s always a way to ensure that you have everything you need to maximize your display at trade shows and events.

Variables to Consider

When planning ahead for a trade show or event, it’s important that you take a few different shipping variables into consideration. The methodology that’s best for your shipping needs will depend on the distance your displays or graphics will need to travel, the type of courier used, and your overall budget. However, keep in mind that if you opt for cheap shipping options, you may end up receiving damaged products. Instead, look for reputable companies and give yourself plenty of time between ordering your displays and graphics and the date of the event.

Research Your Options

The type of packaging you’ll need to utilize depends on the items you plan to ship. To avoid incurring damage, it’s always better to research your options and ensure that you find a company you can trust to take care of the heavy lifting for you. Fragile items should be protected with soft coverings and flat or rectangular options are best shipped with solid foam sheets surrounding them then encased by something stronger like plywood. You can receive banners and posters in shipping tubes to keep the graphics protected, but larger items should be secured with metal strapping to keep things from breaking in transit.

The details behind the shipping process are also important. Even if a manufacturer offers you some of the most protective packaging, the way that it travels to you can impact quality and design. Using the correct type of carrier will help you reduce the risk of incurring damages, so always discuss your options with prospective couriers. If you plan to be shipping one single item often, you’ll want to use a lined shipping case for ongoing protection. One-time shipment needs can be sent by ground or air depending on their size and distance traveled. The more durable an item is, the less protection it needs during the shipping process. If you’re able to pick up products, always opt for that over delivery as it gives you control over safekeeping.

The graphics and displays that you utilize at a trade show or event are a direct representation of your company. Make sure that you give off a strong impression to prospective clients and customers by opting for high-quality printing that’s shipped in protective, durable containers. The team at Impact Color is focused on providing exhibit marketing services that help our clients stand out from the crowd. Contact us today to learn more.