Utilizing banners is a great way to supplement your marketing strategy and increase brand visibility. If you’re running a short-term campaign, taking your banner outdoors is easy. The weather won’t have time to cause damages or fade the images. However, if you’re looking to utilize an outdoor banner for long periods of time, you need something that will withstand the weather. Otherwise, you may find yourself wasting money on re-printing the same sign over and over again. To help you fight back against the wind, sun, rain, sleet, and snow, here’s how to take your banner outdoors and extend its longevity.

Start With the Right Materials

One of the most important aspects of boosting the longevity of your outdoor banners is starting with the right materials. To withstand the elements, you’ll need to utilize heavy-duty materials. A good basic banner material is 13 oz. scrim vinyl banner. The “scrim” is an internal weave that reinforces the vinyl material. If your banner will be up for a longer period of time, or exposed to additional wind forces, a heavy duty 18 oz. scrim vinyl is recommended.

Additionally, if your banner is exposed to extended wind conditions, for example a banner attached to a fence, then a mesh banner is the material of choice. The mesh pattern is created from intersecting layers of vinyl, pressed together to form an incredibly strong and lightweight banner. Because of the nature of the material having many small openings between solid vinyl material, the image printed on the banner will be slightly subdued by about 20%. Mesh banner works similar to a window screen, allowing the wind to pass through with minimal resistance. This helps to prolong the life of your outdoor banner.

Opt for High-Quality Printing Equipment

How you print your outdoor banner will affect the longevity. There are several different options in the printing industry, so take the time to find someone who has the necessary printers for outdoor banners. Impact Color uses HP Latex and UV Solvent printers for the highest quality products with long lasting durability.

Protect Your Banner Against the Elements

The wind and sun are the two biggest challenges when trying to extend the life of outdoor banners. Depending on where you live, the wind is often the biggest adversary. Strong winds that are accompanied by severe storms can put a lot of pressure on outdoor banners. If the banner isn’t durable enough or isn’t correctly fastened to your building or where it’s displayed, this pressure can cause a banner to rip, tear, or detach and fly off into the wind. To avoid these problems, always make sure that you securely fasten your banner, use reinforced corners and grommets, and consider creating small wind slit pockets throughout the banner. This allows the pressure to pass through the banner rather than fight against it.

It’s also important to consider the direction your banner will face. When possible, try to position outdoor banners to the north for the most indirect sun exposure. If you are displaying your banner in a windy location, it’s best to locate the banner diagonal to the prevalent wind rather than facing it.

Outdoor banners can help you maximize your marketing efforts, create more brand recognition, and increase the reach of your target audience regardless of location. To make the most of your outdoor signage and avoid wasting money year after year, work with a professional printing company like Impact Color for high-quality, durable products that stand the test of time.