How to Brand the Most Challenging Surfaces in Your Office BuildingBuilding a brand and making it visible in every possible way is the heart and soul of iconic companies. Some of them have managed to create such a powerful branded image that a simple logo, shade of color or slogan automatically makes us recall that company.

Even if you are not going to reach the level of Apple, Pepsi or Nike, your business needs solid branding. One of the most valuable properties your business has is its office(s). This is the core of your business, where you meet prospective customers, partners and suppliers, and it is often what is featured in photos in news reports and press releases.

Branding your office in a creative manner is the key to creating a memorable image for your business. Taking one step further, branding challenging surfaces helps create an indelible memory of your company in the mind of any visitor.

These are some of the top challenging surfaces you should consider branding:

1. The Elevator

The elevator is one of the most frequently used facilities in any business. The main challenge you have to overcome in branding an elevator is the concept of retracting doors. You must certainly remember how inadvertently awkward certain brand images and mottos become when they are painted on a van’s sliding doors. The same thing can happen to your brand image on elevator doors.

The creative way in which you can brand an elevator is to take advantage of its specific functionality and create a concept which takes into account the mobility of the doors.

2. 3D Branding

Some specific areas, such as exposed pipes and difficult angles between the walls and the ceiling require a specific approach: 3D branding. Large letter blocks made of light polystyrene or other three dimensional shapes act both as branding elements and clever disguises for unpleasant architectural elements.

3. Large Glass Walls

Most modern office buildings have a similar look: a steel structure with lots of glass surfaces. This approach ensures that the people working inside these buildings get a lot of natural light. However, the glass surfaces are challenging in terms of branding. You cannot place a large outdoor billboard over them, or stick heavy volumetric lettering or other shapes.

Specialized print advertising companies can help you apply branding elements by stamping color or self-adhesive layers applied directly onto the glass. This procedure does not affect the safety of the building or the quality of natural light entering the building.

4. The Ceiling

Usually, people only pay attention to ceilings in period villas, churches or museums. These are places where we know we will find beautiful artwork painted or sculpted on the ceilings.

It is time to make people pay attention to the ceiling of your company. There are many ways in which you can use your branded colors and logo to decorate the ceiling, to create surprising and original designs and to give your office space something special, making it stand out among others.


In the end, remember that branding is not something you do once and then forget about it. Your brand grows and evolves together with your business, and with that comes the need to continuously update your image, as well as to keep a fresh look for your office.