didWe are living in the digital age – there is no doubt about it. The internet and mobile devices allowing us to always be connected on the go have changed the most important aspects of our lives: how we connect with each other, do business, develop our career and make important financial decisions.

But have we completely left the old world behind? Have we made the full transition from a world of printed coupons, glossy magazines and morning newspapers to a fully digital environment? Not really. In fact, a lot of specialists in marketing, advertising and even journalism state that print will make a comeback in the coming years.

If you are not convinced that this is true, just take a look back at the turning points in communications: video did not kill radio, and the internet did not bring down television and wipe it out of existence. All forms of communication have somehow found a niche, have adapted, and still exist and have their own specific audience.

A New Lease on Life for Print Marketing

Print marketing is one such form of communication – from companies to their potential clients. Even though companies continue to expand their online advertising budgets, they do not forget about the offline medium. It is still a powerful and meaningful way to reach out to people, build client loyalty and promote sales. Here are some very strong points in favor of print marketing:

1. It Is Tangible

People are complex beings with a lot of senses, and marketing should appeal to all of these senses. The feeling of having a discount coupon, a promotional flyer or a loyalty card in your hands in a physical form, gives the sense of security, of veracity. Remember that phrase we unconsciously use: “solid evidence.” We mean something physical, something we can get our hands on and validate by at least two of our five senses.

2. There Is Less Competition

People receive fewer print newsletters and catalogs in the mail. There are fewer printed magazines and newspapers to choose from on the racks. And inside their pages there are fewer ads (though bigger in printed area). These three facts combined lead to one single conclusion: if you choose print advertising and marketing materials, you have a bigger claim on people’s attention, due to decreased competition. Your ads and your newsletters have greater chances to be seen, read and acted on.

3. Print Is the Ideal Medium for Customer Retention

Catalogs and brochures printed for your customers, with limited distribution, are the ideal medium for sharing your premium content, and building your brand image and client loyalty. In an age where you usually get an email or a download link from companies you subscribed to, receiving an actual printed brochure in the mail is perceived as added value and preferential treatment. These are the best ways to show your clients that you value them and you want to offer them something extra in exchange for their continued loyalty.

4. You Can Mix Offline with Online Mediums

Even if you run a major part of your business in the online world, you should still continue using print marketing materials. Adding a QR code in your discount coupons, at the end of an interesting article or simply on an outdoor poster will bring a lot of potential customers from the offline, and down the street world to your website and landing page, creating a traffic and engagement funnel between the two worlds.

So, did the internet really kill printed marketing? No – in fact, it has strengthened its potential because more and more companies are moving away from it.  It’s still an effective medium to compliment your other marketing efforts.

Agree? Disagree? Let’s hear your thoughts below!