Top 5 Reasons Why Print Advertising Still WorksWhat’s a sign? From times immemorial, signs were used to signal that there was a shop or a business operating in a certain building. It directed people into stores, workshops, and offices of all kinds. But surely, in the online era where everyone has smartphones connected to the internet and Google Maps pointing out businesses along the route, the sign has become quite obsolete, right?

Wrong. The sign at the entrance of any business validates it. People may see the address on a phone screen, but they will take a good look at the sign before walking in through the door. This is why you need not just a sign but a professional looking sign.

If you invest a lot of money in a great looking website, in a powerful corporate identity image, and on other marketing materials, why would you skip doing a nice sign as well?

Here are five relevant reasons why you need a professional sign:

1. People Judge Your Business by its Sign

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or a business by its sign. However, people form an initial idea regarding your business simply by looking at the sign at the entrance. If it looks old and outdated, they may wonder whether you are still in business, or capable to offer them products and services at a modern, professional level.

If it looks to be made in WordArt by the owner’s teenage son, this could also make someone question the legitimacy of your business. Your sign can be one of the first points of contact between a person and your business — make a good impression.

2. A Sign Is a Year-Round Advertising Banner for Your Business

Whether it’s summer or winter, rainy or sunny, a business’s sign is there, and it reminds people of your business. Billboards go down, paid Facebook ad campaigns expire, and presentation brochures are tossed in a drawer and forgotten there – but your site isn’t going anywhere.

3. It Is Possibly the Most Photographed Image of Your Business

Whenever your business is mentioned in the news, newspaper and magazine editors will most likely illustrate the article with a photo of your main office entrance with the sign. The sign will, therefore, feature prominently in the photo, and will be seen by all kinds of people, including potential clients and business partners.

These articles are free advertising for your company. Wouldn’t you want to illustrate it with a professional looking sign, which demonstrates the company’s values?

4. A Sign Connects Your Offline Business with Your Online Brand

Signs are used in many creative ways, including to direct people to connect with the business in the online world. By sharing your website and social media accounts on your sign, you can attract more visitors to your digital properties, and connect with them in the online world.

Many businesses are building this kind of interconnection between their offline and their online presence, reaching out to more potential customers, and building more awareness and value for their brand image.

5. Good Signs Influence a Purchase Decision

People are ruled by emotions. While the initial decision to buy a product or service is a logical one, the final selection is emotional. Between a business with a nondescript, boring sign, and one with a professionally designed and manufactured sign, guess which store the customer will walk into?

And this reasoning extends even to more complex business models and B2B companies. No matter how much you invest in other promotional and branding materials, if you do not put the life and soul of your business into its sign, you are far from reaching your marketing and customer retention targets.

So, what’s in a sign? It’s the spirit of your business.

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