Businesses across all industries have continually relied on their windows to spark interest and attract new customers. Window graphics help strengthen branding and target those passing by. However, creating and applying them requires a strategic approach. To help strengthen communication, appeal to your target audience, and grow your business, consider these tips on how to properly use window graphics.

1. Choose the Degree of Transparency

The first step in this process is determining which type of window graphic you’re going to use. Options vary based on transparency level, which can help draw attention and provide a degree of interior privacy. The first surface allows people to see in, while the second surface allows people to see out. Different types of window graphics can alter these viewing levels. Clear window graphics don’t limit the visibility and are completely transparent. Frosted options allow for a small degree of privacy and opaque window graphics completely block out both indoor and outdoor visibility. Choose something that will work well for your space while achieving your marketing goals.

2. Create an Appealing Design

After determining the type of graphic you’ll use, it’s time to create a design. Make sure that you follow branding guidelines to keep your company image cohesive. To avoid discrepancies when the graphic is on the window, test out some swatches to see how they’ll look on display. You also want to use high contrast design elements to make the text and imagery stand out and easily readable. 300 dots per inch (DPI) is a good standard, although some windows can use lower contrasts. Your printing professional can help you determine the best options for your building. The text shouldn’t be cluttered, fonts should be strategic, and the display should be easily readable from both near and far.

3. Determine the Best Materials

Next, assess the different types of materials available to choose from. You want something that doesn’t trap heat to avoid warping or window damage. Therefore, many businesses opt for block out materials. Always choose high-quality options to avoid problems with how your graphic is displayed.

4. Think About the Future

Finally, consider the length of time you’ll be using this window graphic. Short-term options need to have low tack self-adhesive products that are easily removed, while long-term displays require permanent adhesive to avoid falling or prematurely detaching. Utilizing the wrong type of adhesive can make removal and longevity difficult. You’ll want to hire a professional to install the window graphic accordingly.

There are many options for high-quality window graphics with today’s technological advancements. To get more out of your marketing efforts, Impact Color prints window graphics that can help you succeed. Our printing process, inks, top coating options, and on-site installation services allow businesses to capitalize on their displays, reach more customers, and increase their profits. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to receive an estimate on your window graphic design.