Whether you’re first launching your business, or you’ve been around for years, marketing is an essential piece of long-term sustainability and growth. Using strategic marketing allows you to appeal to your target audience, grow your customer base, and create a stronger brand identity. While digital components are important, visual merchandising with retail signage is still relevant and impacts your average sales. To help you get the most out of your efforts, here are some great ideas regarding how to market your business using retail signage.

1. Use Your Branding

Your signage should be a reflection of your business, which is best portrayed using a branding. Your brand is the way that your audience is going to recognize you and identify your company apart from your competition, so make sure that it draws people in. Then, whenever you create signage, use your brand. You should use colors that fall within these guidelines, logos, fonts, etc. Every aspect of design needs to adhere to this to create long-term recognition and foster loyalty. Draw inspiration from other companies to get a better understanding of what’s working and what isn’t.

2. Tell a Story

It’s also important to tell a story using your signage. Your target audience should see your visual merchandise, be able to relate it to your business, and gain an understanding of how the product or service you’re marketing can help them solve a problem or fill a need. Communicate what you’re selling using your signage so there’s no room for questions. This can help motivate customers to take action and improve your sales. Try to make your signs memorable to create lasting impressions that your customers will share with friends or family members.

For businesses who are launching their first store or opening a new location, tell your audience ahead of time. Don’t wait until you open to put up signage. Instead, use strategic marketing to generate interest before you launch.

3. Use the Right Materials

The type of materials you use for signs is also an important factor in marketing your business. Using banners, branded materials, store-front signage, billboards, and other forms of physical advertisements can help you create a comprehensive marketing strategy that generates conversions. Try to be unique and utilize eye-catching signs that help connect the geographic culture of your audience to your brand. This is especially important in regard to imagery. People can spot stock images and don’t tend to resonate with them. Instead, consider hiring a photographer for unique shots that adhere to your brand and audience goals. Then, make sure your signs are in visibly accessible areas to generate interest and spark conversation. It’s also important to take steps to adhere to ADA compliancy rules and regulations when you’re using signage inside your store.

When you want to show off your brand and create a lasting impression, it’s important to create visual merchandising and signage that you’re proud of. Impact Color can help you craft beautiful, customized displays for your retail business along with any other printed media you need. To inquire about marketing material, contact us today or browse our services online.