When digitally printing fabrics, you’ll need to utilize frame extrusion technologies to properly display the finished product. One of the most commonly used systems is silicone edge graphic (SEG) frames. SEG is a flat silicone part that can be seated snugly inside a frame, oftentimes one that’s made of aluminum. It provides a drum-tight fit that’s both sophisticated and polished, while still allowing for quick graphic change outs. To help you better understand the benefits and mechanisms involved, here’s everything you need to know about SEG framing.

The Rise of SEG Framing

Before SEG framing became popular, most trade show and retail graphics relied on heavy stock paper, acrylic, PVC, or polycarbonate boards. While these are still great printing materials, they’re heavy, hard to ship, cumbersome to install, and prone to damage. As an alternative, high-resolution dye sublimation was paired with digital fabric printing and SEG frames were introduced.

With the current standards and technology available, the print quality has increased substantially, the color contrast is beautiful, and the end-result is high-definition graphics that were previously unattainable. Digital printing produces the best results in regard to print fidelity, color reproduction, and image clarity. SEG framing systems are increasingly used with digitally printed fabric in trade shows and retail stores across the world. SEG framing can be done for large, seamless graphics so they maintain a clean look without being impossible to maneuver.

The benefits of SEG framing are one of the main reasons that it has risen in popularity over the years. In conjunction with digitally printed fabrics, SEG framing can be manufactured and finalized quickly. They provide increased flexibility for changing out graphics without damaging frame hardware, they’re lightweight, and they can be easily transported from one place to another. The ease with which the entire framing system can be manufactured, shipped, and installed is one of the biggest accelerating factors in the use of SEG systems.

Best Environments to Use SEG Framing

Due to the ease of use and mobility of SEG framing systems, they can be placed in almost any environment that needs signage. While many places have traditionally used paper signage and advertisements, digitally printed fabric is more portable, reusable, durable, environmentally friendly, lightweight, and produces a more high-end appearance. Some of the best environments to use SEG framing include the following:

Trade Shows and Events

When using SEG framing at trade shows and events, you’ll obtain a clean and colorful graphic that doesn’t require heavy labor and shipping to display. Not only do SEG systems provide a positive impact on the attendees, but they can also be set up in under 10 minutes, allowing you to focus on highlighting other important aspects of your exhibit.

Retail Settings

In retail settings, SEG framing systems provide businesses with large, glare-free images that help create an inviting and upscale appearance. They’re highly customizable and can be adapted for any retail space. Additionally, whenever you need to change your point of purchase display graphics, you can do so quickly and easily without wasting time and effort.

Transportation Centers

SEG systems can provide transportation centers with beautiful imagery that boasts high-resolution color, texture, and luster. When you need signage for train stations, subway systems, or airports, SEG framing systems with digitally printed fabrics are an affordable, vibrant option. To make the imagery even more appealing, SEG framing systems can be front lit or backlit.

Restaurants and Hotels

SEG framing systems can be used in restaurants to display creative presentations of specials or featured items. The same applications and benefits apply to the hotel and hospitality industry. Since the graphics are easy to install and change, you’ll be able to keep customers up to date on the latest promotions.


Digitally printed fabric in SEG framing can help communicate creative messaging throughout museums. You can advertise special promotions, show times, and promote seasonal or traveling exhibits seamlessly and beautifully.

Religious Centers

Since the graphics used in SEG frames are lightweight and easy to manipulate, they can be installed by a single person. This is one of the reasons that many religious centers and nonprofits choose to utilize SEG framing systems. When you need to store the graphics, all you have to do is roll them up and put them in a storage closet.

Sports Stadiums and Arenas

Many professional and collegiate sports stadiums and arenas rely on super wide graphics to advertise concerts, shows, and other major events. SEG framing allows for them to easily interchange their graphics throughout the year without spending thousands of dollars on other large-scale printing materials. Not only are SEG systems fashionable, but they also display high-resolution imagery that can be accented with backlighting or custom frames.


Schools can also benefit from using SEG frames for advertising different events or activities that are occurring on campus. This is an affordable option that allows educational institutions to reuse signage over the years.

Amusement Parks

Throughout amusement parks, fairs, and even local boardwalks, SEG fabric framing systems can be displayed to create eye-catching advertisements that will stop passersby in their tracks.

New Applications for SEG Framing

While there are plenty of great uses for SEG framing, the opportunities continue to expand. Frame enhancements can be made using light boxes, changing the geometric shape of signs, and creating much larger displays than before.

Light Boxes

Light boxes can be used in SEG framing systems to create graphics that appear to be “frameless” and illuminated. This helps the graphics pop and makes the message stand out to your target audience.

Unique Shapes

Rectangular and square signage is used most often, but SEG framing systems can be manufactured in custom-angled shapes to accommodate architectural features and branding requirements. Your options for creating unique shapes and sizes are limitless.

Large Displays

If you want to display mega-sized graphics, you can do so with SEG frames. With various connectors, you can expand your graphics to virtually any length to accommodate different large-scale graphics for use.

When you’re ready to utilize the benefits of SEG framing, the professionals at Impact Color are here to help. SEG frames are easy to use, work well with digitally printed fabric, and provide endless options to showcase your graphics. To ensure you receive high-quality digitally printed imagery that compliments your business, contact Impact Color today.